About Us

At Art Kit Factory, we believe art is for everyone.

Art is a primal form of communication, of idea generation, of self realization that should be accessible to every human being. From doodles on scratchpads to dining room masterpieces, Art Kit Factory will make art accessible to you.

Developed in the kitchen of Adwire’s Melrose District Studio, Art Kit Factory started as the little idea of creating meaningful and original gifts for children and blossomed into the big idea of promoting art education for everyone.

As we build new kits, we find new connections to history, sociology, physical science, neurology, geometry, and entrepreneurship. Experiencing, and exploring the world with an art “tool kit” has changed our perspective and opened our eyes to what is available, what is possible and what is magical! We hope it will do the same for you.

Art Kit Factory was founded by Adwire, Inc. a family run web development business with a long long long history. Founded in 1996 in Los Angeles, California, Adwire has been building websites and client relationships to last.