Resolve to Keep Happy

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January 1, 2017

Every year, we have a unique opportunity to start off on January 1st with a vision of our better selves, and many of us use this opportunity to make our list of resolutions. I’ve found that picking specific resolutions like¬†“save $10,000” or “go to the gym 5 days a week” or “stop eating ice cream at night” just sets me up to disappoint myself. Instead, the last few years I’ve chosen to go with a theme for the year. One year I resolved to “strive for imperfection” as I realized my expectations for life were getting in the way of my progress. The next year, I was able to decide to “find beauty in imperfection” and rediscover what a magical gift¬†serendipity can be.


This year, I’ve challenged myself to have an actual RESOLUTION as opposed to a simple theme. This year, I Resolve to Keep Happy at the advice of Helen Keller with a hopeful heart that beauty and serendipity will be my steadfast soldiers.