Show us your Grandma Moses

posted by

Josh Koch


September 14, 2017

Let’s have some fun.  First I started off with a basic landscape complete with almost all the Grandma Moses stand bys: Sky, mountains, hills, houses and farms, trees.  NOTE:  Don’t make the mistake I did and do this step in pen, as it’s very hard to draw over when you’re using watercolors or colored pencils like I was).

Include a lane or two, maybe a stream or lake.  Lightly sketch in a few buildings.

Now it’s decision time:  think about what season you’d like to capture.  Got it?  Great.  One more thing:  think about the time of day.  For me I chose early Spring and pre-dawn when the skies are just beginning to lighten.

Keep in mind the following quote from Grandma Moses herself:  

“I paint from the top down. From the sky, then the mountains, then the hills then the houses, then the cattle, then the people.”  

So whatever materials you use, you might want to follow that order in the creation of your artwork.  Or not.  Want to use cut out brown construction paper instead of drawing a tree?  Go for it.  Want to glue cotton balls instead of painting clouds?  Fantastic.  Want to limit yourself to only those supplies found in your Art Kit?  Stop making me love you.  Just don’t forget to share your results with #artkitfactory on any and all social media.  Here’s my version:

I liked my results, but I want to try this with either acrylic or oils.  I feel like I didn’t fill the page with color like our beloved GM.  Maybe some pastels with a blending stick.  Who knows.  Okay, you know the deal.  I showed you mine.  Now you show me yours.